Download and solve practice problems in over 30 different languages.
Use them to learn new language or get better at existing one.


Submit the solution to the site and get feedback from people. You can also give feedback to others.
Help each-other get better at coding.


Iterations are what makes exercism unique. Keep improving your solution after getting feedback from others - explore and solve it in multiple ways.
Level up your programming skills.

How do I contribute?

File Bug Report

Found some bug while using exercism? Let us know so we can make exercism better.

Fix Issues

We have a well maintained list of issues.
And also some good first patches for starters.

Get involved in a track

Exercism has separate repositories for exercises of each language (track).
Your favourite language is right there. Help us improve test-cases, clarify READMEs or even add more exercises.

We are a friendly bunch of people!


We maintain a good set of docs for you to know more about how exercism works and how you can get involved in different ways.
Here is the Contributing guide.

Issue tracker

You can directly ask for help on the github issue tracker.
We are all ears and open to all kinds of suggestions and issues, technical or not.

Gitter channel

We hang around here. Join the chat at
Hop in and ask for any help. If you are a newbie to exercism or open-source in general, we would be delighted to guide you. Some of us even pair-program to get your first PR accepted.
Just ask!